Aspire Scholarship 2023 for 1st year B.Tech Students

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Aspire Scholarship 2023 for 1st year B.Tech Students : Announced, Overview, Last Date

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Aspire Scholarship 2023 for 1st year B.Tech Students. Within the realm of education, opportunities ought to be limitless, surpassing financial limitations and societal obstacles. The Aspire Scholarship Program 2023, an exceptional Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative by the SWAYAM Charitable Trust, aims to achieve precisely that. This scholarship initiative goes beyond mere financial assistance; it serves as a guiding light for disadvantaged students with aspirations to pursue B.Tech courses in esteemed engineering institutions across India. In this detailed article, we thoroughly examine the Aspire Scholarship Program 2023, delving into its goals, eligibility requirements, advantages, and the process for application.

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About the Aspire Scholarship 2023

The Aspire Scholarship 2023, designed for first-year B.Tech students enrolled in IITs, reflects the commitment of the SWAYAM Charitable Trust to advancing corporate social responsibility through accessible education. Its main objective is to provide financial support to deserving students commencing their B.Tech. studies at 11 renowned engineering institutions throughout India. You can apply for this scholarship through National Scholarship portal. This endeavor underscores the conviction that financial limitations should never impede the quest for knowledge and apply for this scholarship application.

Transforming Dreams into Reality

The Aspire Scholarship 2023 for first-year B.Tech students enrolled in IITs offers a pathway for aspiring individuals to turn their aspirations into tangible achievements to apply for scholarship. This scholarship comprehensively addresses various academic expenditures, encompassing tuition fees, hostel fees, meal expenses, and other associated costs by applying for this scholarship application. In collaboration with Buddy4Study, the designated implementation partner for this program, the scholarship strives to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those who require it the most for this scholarship application.

Aspire Scholarship 2023 for 1st year B.Tech Students

Eligibility Criteria of Aspire Scholarship 2023

To be eligible for the Aspire Scholarship 2023, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Course Enrollment: Students are required to enroll in the first year of B.Tech courses at one of the 11 designated institutions.
  • Institutional Excellence: Eligible institutions encompass renowned names such as the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (IIT-Kharagpur) and Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad (IIT-Hyderabad).
  • Financial Criteria: The annual family income of applicants must not surpass INR 6 lakh from all sources.
    Additionally, applicants should not be beneficiaries of any other scholarship scheme.

Benefits Aspire Scholarship 2023

  1. The Aspire Scholarship 2023 is designed to make a tangible difference in the lives of its beneficiaries. A total of 28 students will be awarded scholarships based on the actual fee structure of their respective institutions.
  2. The scholarship fund, spanning a duration of 4 years, covers a comprehensive range of academic expenses, ensuring that students can focus on their studies without the burden of financial constraints.

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Required Documents for Aspire Scholarship 2023

  1. Government-issued identity proof (Aadhaar Card/Voter ID/Driving License/PAN Card)
  2. Current year admission proof (fee receipt/admission letter/institution identity card/bonafide certificate)
  3. Bank account details of the applicant in the scholarship form
  4. Family income proof
  5. Photograph of the applicant
  6. Statement of Purpose (SOP), describing the immediate and long-term goals of the applicants, reasons for choosing the particular institution, and reasons for being interested in the chosen field (in about 500 words)
  7. Passing certificates and marksheets of Class 10th and 12th
  8. Date of birth proof
  9. National Scholarship portal is the platform to apply for this scholarship

How to Apply Aspire Scholarship 2023

Applying for the Aspire Scholarship 2023 is a streamlined process:

  1. Click on the ‘Click Here To Apply‘ button Provided at the end.
  2. Log in to Buddy4Study using your registered ID to access the ‘Online Application Form Page.’
  3. If you’re not already registered on Buddy4Study, you can easily do so using your Email/Mobile number/Gmail account to apply for this scholarship form.
  4. You will then be directed to the ‘Aspire Scholarship 2023‘ application form page.
  5. Click on the ‘Start Application‘ button to begin the application process of scholarship application.
  6. Fill in the required details in the online scholarship form.
  7. Upload the required documents in the scholarship application.
  8. Accept the ‘Terms and Conditions’ and click on ‘Preview’.
  9. Review the preview screen to ensure that all the filled-in details are correct in scholarship form.
  10. If all the details appear correctly, click on the ‘Submit’ button to complete the application process.

Conclusion of Aspire Scholarship 2023

In conclusion, the Aspire Scholarship 2023 stands as a beacon of opportunity, illuminating the path towards a brighter future for ambitious students. By dismantling financial obstacles, it not only nurtures academic excellence but also ignites the flame of hope and ambition in the hearts of aspiring individuals by applying to this scholarship application. Through this transformative initiative, we pave the way for a more inclusive and empowered society, where the pursuit of education knows no bounds, and dreams are realized for the betterment of our nation.

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Aspire Scholarship 2023 for 1st year B.Tech Students

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQ 1: What is the Aspire Scholarship 2023?

Answer: The Aspire Scholarship 2023 is a corporate social responsibility initiative by the SWAYAM Charitable Trust aimed at providing financial support to underprivileged students pursuing B.Tech. courses at select engineering institutions in India.

FAQ 2: Which institutions are covered under this scholarship program?

Answer: The Aspire scholarship 2023 supports students enrolling in the first year of B.Tech. courses at 11 renowned institutions, including IIT-Kharagpur, IIT-Hyderabad, and others.

FAQ 3: What are the financial criteria for eligibility?

Answer: Applicants must have an annual family income not exceeding INR 6 lakh from all sources. Additionally, they should not be recipients of any other scholarship scheme in National Scholarship portal.

FAQ 4: How many scholarships will be awarded, and what expenses do they cover?

Answer: A total of 28 scholarships will be awarded based on the actual fee structure. The scholarship fund covers tuition fees, hostel fees, food expenses, and related academic costs.

FAQ 5: What is the duration of the scholarship?

Answer: The scholarship spans a duration of 4 years, subject to meeting specified renewal criteria each year by National Scholarship portal.

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Overview of Aspire Scholarship 2023 :

Scholarship IdCPSA23111300085
Scholarship NameAspire Scholarship 2023 for 1st year B.Tech Students
Scholarship Open forBoys & Girls
Scholarship Offered bySWAYAM Charitable Trust
Who can Apply ?Students Studying 1st year B.Tech in IITs
Scholarship AmountTuition Fee, Hostel Fee, Food, and Related Expenses
Last Date to Apply10th September 2023
Application LinkClick Here To Apply