Anant Fellowship for UG Students 2024-25

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Anant Fellowship for UG Students 2024-25 : Last Date, Benefits, Advantage

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Anant Fellowship for UG Students 2024-25, Are you a passionate individual yearning to make a tangible impact on the world around you? Do you envision yourself designing and building spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also equitable and sustainable? If so, the Anant Fellowship 2024-25 might be the perfect springboard for your aspirations. Offered by Anant National University, India’s first DesignX University, this transformative program empowers individuals to become solutionaries who shape the future of the built environment.

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Eligibility Criteria of Anant Fellowship 2024-25 :

  • Hold an undergraduate degree in any discipline.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to improving the built environment (housing, urban planning, infrastructure, etc.).
  • Possess a strong academic record and extracurricular achievements.
  • Open to both final-year students and individuals with or without work experience.
Anant Fellowship for UG Students 2024-25

Benefits of Anant Fellowship 2024-25 :

  • Need-based scholarships: Receive financial support ranging from 25% to 100% of tuition fees.
  • Globally renowned faculty: Learn from leading professionals and experts in design, architecture, sustainability, and social sciences.
  • Interdisciplinary curriculum: Dive deep into diverse subjects like urban design, policy, art, and philosophy, gaining a holistic perspective.
  • Real-world experience: Participate in projects, workshops, and field studies, applying your learnings to practical challenges.
  • Vibrant community: Connect with fellow passionate individuals and build a strong network for future collaborations.

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Documents Required for Anant Fellowship 2024-25 :

  • Updated CV/Resume
  • Degree certificate(s)
  • Passport-size photograph

How to apply Anant Fellowship 2024-25 :

Applying for the Anant Fellowship 2024-25 is a straightforward process. Follow these steps:

  • Click on the “Click Here To Apply” button provided at the end.
  • Carefully review the scholarship details provided.
  • Complete the application form and ensure all required information is accurately filled out.
  • Attach the necessary documents as specified in the scholarship requirements.
  • Finally, click the “Submit” button to submit your scholarship application.

Important documents


Last Date to apply Anant Fellowship 2024-25

Last Date to apply for Anant Fellowship 2024-25 is 31 July 2024

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Selection Criteria of Anant Fellowship 2024-25

  • Application review
  • Telephonic interview
  • Personal interview with university faculty

Class Start Date: September 2024

Contact Details:

  • Email:
  • Phone: (+91) 6352160200

How will Anant Fellowship 2024-25 scholarship benefit you?

  • Gain in-depth knowledge and skills in sustainable design principles and practices.
  • Develop a critical lens to analyze and address challenges in the built environment.
  • Cultivate leadership qualities and hone your communication and collaboration abilities.
  • Build a strong portfolio and network, enhancing your employability in diverse fields.
  • Contribute to the creation of more equitable and resilient communities for all.

Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Applying:

  • Missing deadlines: Be mindful of application deadlines and submit your application well in advance.
  • Incomplete application: Ensure all required documents and information are included before submitting.
  • Generic essay: Tailor your essay to highlight your unique experiences and aspirations relevant to the program.
  • Lackluster interview performance: Research the program thoroughly and be prepared to articulate your goals and contributions.
  • Neglecting follow-up: Express your continued interest in the program after submitting your application.

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Why Apply for the Anant Fellowship?

  • Make a real difference: Contribute to the development of sustainable and equitable spaces for future generations.
  • Challenge yourself: Step outside your comfort zone and embark on a transformative learning journey.
  • Join a visionary community: Network with like-minded individuals and build lasting connections.
  • Invest in your future: Equip yourself with valuable skills and knowledge for a fulfilling career in design and sustainability.
  • Leave a legacy: Be part of a movement shaping a better built environment for all.

Embrace this opportunity to become an agent of positive change in the world. Apply for the Anant Fellowship 2024-25 and take your first step towards a fulfilling career shaping the future of sustainable design.

Anant Fellowship for UG Students 2024-25

FAQs of Anant Fellowship 2024-25 :

Q1: What specific areas of sustainable design does the program focus on?

The program covers a wide range of areas, including sustainable materials, energy efficiency, green infrastructure, community engagement, and social justice principles as applied to the built environment.

Q2: What are the career prospects after completing the fellowship?

Graduates pursue diverse careers in architecture, urban planning, design consultancies, NGOs, government agencies

Q3: Is there any work experience required for the program?

No, work experience is not mandatory. The program welcomes both final-year students and individuals with varying levels of professional experience. A strong commitment to the built environment and a passion for making a difference are key factors considered during the selection process.

Q4: What is the format of the personal interview?

The personal interview typically involves a panel of faculty members who will assess your understanding of the program, your motivation for applying, and your potential to contribute to the learning environment. Be prepared to discuss your relevant experiences, interests, and future aspirations.

Q5: Can international students apply for the scholarship?

Absolutely! The Anant Fellowship actively encourages applications from international students with diverse perspectives and experiences. The program offers a unique opportunity to learn from a global faculty and connect with fellow students from around the world.

Beyond the Scholarship:

While the scholarship itself provides significant financial support, the true value of the Anant Fellowship extends far beyond its monetary benefits. By joining this program, you gain access to:

  • Mentorship opportunities: Connect with experienced professionals who will guide and support your academic and professional development.
  • Networking events: Build valuable connections with industry leaders, alumni, and fellow participants, expanding your professional network.
  • Guest lectures and workshops: Attend sessions led by renowned experts, gaining insights into cutting-edge trends and practices in sustainable design.
  • International exposure: Participate in study trips or exchange programs, broadening your global perspective and understanding.

Conclusion of Anant Fellowship 2024-25 :

Anant Fellowship 2024-25 presents an extraordinary opportunity for individuals passionate about shaping a more sustainable and equitable future. This program equips you with the knowledge, skills, and network to become a leader in the field of sustainable design. If you are driven by a desire to make a positive impact and believe in the power of design to transform communities, then don’t hesitate to apply. Seize this chance to embark on a transformative journey and contribute to building a better tomorrow.

Overview of Anant Fellowship 2024-25 :

Scholarship idCPSA24022300425
Scholarship NameAnant Fellowship for UG Students 2024-25
Scholarship Open forBoys & Girls
Scholarship Offered byAnant National University
Who can Apply ?Undergraduates committed to improving built environments, regardless of work experience.
Scholarship Open forAll Over India
Scholarship AmountUp to 100% of tuition fees and other benefits
Last Date to Apply31 July 2024
Application LinkClick Here To Apply