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Ahimsa Fellowship 2024 for UG Students

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Ahimsa Fellowship 2024 for UG Students | Last Date, Benefits

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Ahimsa Fellowship 2024 for UG Students, Are you passionate about animal rights and yearn to make a tangible difference? Do you possess the drive and dedication to be a leader in the fight for animal protection? If so, the Ahimsa Fellowship 2024 might be the perfect springboard for your ambitions.

This prestigious fellowship, offered by the Mercy For Animals India Foundation, empowers aspiring advocates to become influential voices for animals in need. Through an intensive 8-month program, the Ahimsa Fellowship equips individuals with the knowledge, skills, and network to tackle critical animal welfare issues in India.

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Eligibility Criteria of Ahimsa Fellowship 2024

  • Citizen of India: This fellowship is exclusively open to Indian citizens.
  • Bachelor’s Degree Holder: Possessing a bachelor’s degree in any discipline is mandatory.
  • Age Requirement: Applicants must be between 21 and 39 years of age as of December 31st, 2024.
  • Communication Skills: Strong communication skills in English and a regional Indian language are essential for effective interaction with diverse stakeholders.
  • Commitment: A full-time commitment for the entire 8-month duration of the program is required.
Ahimsa Fellowship 2024 for UG Students

Benefits of Ahimsa Fellowship 2024

  • Financial Support: Fellows receive a monthly stipend to cover program-related expenses. This stipend starts at ₹10,000 for the initial two months and increases to ₹20,000 for the remaining duration.
  • Travel & Accommodation: The Ahimsa Fellowship covers travel and accommodation costs associated with residential contact classes.
  • Out-of-Pocket Reimbursement: Certain out-of-pocket expenses incurred during program assignments might be reimbursed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Knowledge & Skill Development: The program offers a comprehensive curriculum delivered by leading experts in animal protection and the social sector. Fellows gain in-depth knowledge of animal welfare laws, policies, and advocacy strategies.
  • Professional Network: The fellowship fosters a strong network of like-minded individuals, creating a valuable support system for future endeavors.
  • Career Advancement: The Ahimsa Fellowship equips participants with the necessary skills and experience to pursue a fulfilling career in animal protection.

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Documents Required for Ahimsa Fellowship 2024

While the specific documents required might be announced closer to the application deadline, some general documents you can prepare include:

  • Academic transcripts
  • Resume or CV
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Writing sample related to animal protection (optional)

How to Apply for Ahimsa Fellowship 2024

Applying for the Ahimsa Fellowship 2024 is a straightforward process. Follow these steps:

  • Click on the “Click Here To Apply” button provided at the end.
  • Carefully review the scholarship details provided.
  • Complete the application form and ensure all required information is accurately filled out.
  • Attach the necessary documents as specified in the scholarship requirements.
  • Finally, click the “Submit” button to submit your scholarship application.

Last Date to Apply for Ahimsa Fellowship 2024

Last Date to Apply for Ahimsa Fellowship 2024 is 17 July 2024

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Contact Details:

For any inquiries, you can reach out to the Ahimsa Fellowship team through the following channels:

  • Phone: +91-9289292100, +91 9650760707

Terms and Conditions of Ahimsa Fellowship 2024

It’s crucial to carefully review the official terms and conditions outlined by the Ahimsa Fellowship before applying. These terms may cover aspects like eligibility verification, selection criteria, fellowship expectations, and grievance redressal procedures.

How the Ahimsa Fellowship Empowers You:

The Ahimsa Fellowship offers a transformative experience for individuals passionate about animal welfare. Here’s how it empowers you:

  • Expertise & Knowledge: Gain a deep understanding of animal protection laws, policies, and advocacy strategies.
  • Skill Development: Hone your communication, leadership, and project management skills through practical applications.
  • Networking Opportunities: Build a strong network of like-minded individuals and connect with established professionals in the field.
  • Real-World Experience: Contribute to impactful projects and gain hands-on experience tackling animal welfare challenges.
  • Career Advancement: Open doors to fulfilling career opportunities in animal advocacy, policymaking, or NGO work.
  • Personal Growth: Develop your leadership skills, confidence, and ability to make a positive impact.

Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid While Applying:

Applying for scholarships requires meticulous attention to detail. Here are some common pitfalls to steer clear of:

  1. Missing Deadlines: Ensure you submit your application well before the deadline to avoid disqualification.
  2. Incomplete Applications: Double-check your application for missing information or errors before submitting.
  3. Unclear or Unfocused Application: Tailor your application to the specific goals and requirements of the Ahimsa Fellowship. Highlight experiences and skills relevant to animal welfare advocacy.
  4. Generic Cover Letter: Avoid generic cover letters. Craft a compelling narrative that showcases your passion for animal welfare and aligns your goals with the fellowship’s mission.
  5. Poor Proofreading: Proofread your application meticulously for typos and grammatical errors. A polished application creates a positive first impression.

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Why You Should Apply for the Ahimsa Fellowship:

The Ahimsa Fellowship presents a unique opportunity for individuals driven to champion animal welfare in India. Here’s why you shouldn’t miss this chance:

  • Make a Real Difference: Contribute directly to the fight against animal cruelty and work towards a more compassionate future for animals in India.
  • Develop Invaluable Skills: Gain the knowledge and skills necessary to become a leading voice for animal protection.
  • Network with Experts: Connect with established professionals in the animal welfare field and build valuable relationships.
  • Launch Your Career: Gain the experience and credentials to pursue a rewarding career in animal advocacy.
  • Personal Growth: Become a more confident, capable leader with the ability to make a positive impact on the world.
Ahimsa Fellowship 2024 for UG Students

FAQs of Ahimsa Fellowship 2024

Q1: Is there any prior experience required in animal welfare advocacy to apply for the Ahimsa Fellowship?

While prior experience is a plus, it’s not mandatory. The Ahimsa Fellowship seeks passionate individuals with a strong desire to learn and contribute to animal welfare. They value diverse backgrounds and skills that can be harnessed to further their mission.

Q2: What kind of projects will fellows be involved in during the program?

The specific projects may vary, but fellows can expect to participate in activities like:

  • Research and data collection on animal welfare issues.
  • Developing and implementing advocacy campaigns.
  • Collaborating with government agencies and NGOs.
  • Raising awareness about animal cruelty and protection laws.
  • Providing direct assistance to animals in need.

Q3: What are the career opportunities for graduates of the Ahimsa Fellowship?

The fellowship equips you for various careers in animal protection. Some potential paths include:

  • Animal welfare policy and advocacy work in government agencies or NGOs.
  • Working with animal shelters or rescue organizations.
  • Research and education related to animal welfare.
  • Setting up your own animal welfare organization or initiative.

Q4: Does the fellowship offer any support after graduation?

The Ahimsa Fellowship fosters a strong alumni network. Graduates can access ongoing support from the program and connect with fellow alumni to collaborate on future projects.

Q5: How can I stay updated about the Ahimsa Fellowship application process?

Subscribe to the Ahimsa Fellowship website for updates and announcements. You can also follow them on social media for the latest information.

Conclusion of Ahimsa Fellowship 2024

The Ahimsa Fellowship 2024 is a gateway for passionate individuals to become powerful advocates for animal welfare in India. By offering a comprehensive learning experience, invaluable networking opportunities, and practical field exposure, the fellowship empowers you to make a lasting difference. If you possess a burning desire to fight for animal rights and contribute to a more compassionate world, the Ahimsa Fellowship awaits your application. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to turn your passion into purpose!

Overview of Ahimsa Fellowship 2024

Scholarship idCPSA24051700572
Scholarship NameAhimsa Fellowship 2024 for UG Students
Scholarship Open forBoys & Girls
Scholarship Offered byMercy For Animals India Foundation
Who can Apply ?Indian citizens aged 21-39 for animal protection leadership training
Scholarship Open forAll Over India
Scholarship AmountMonthly stipend Rs. 10,000 for first 2 months, then Rs. 20,000 + travel & accommodation covered
Last Date to Apply17 July 2024
Application LinkClick Here To Apply