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Learn Web Development Wizardry : HTML & CSS Course for Beginners (Free Udemy Course)

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Learn Web Development Wizardry : HTML & CSS Course for Beginners (Free Udemy Course) : More than 26,000 student enrolled on this Web Development Wizardry: HTML and CSS Course for Beginners 2023.

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What you will learn in Web Development Wizardry Course

  • You, Will Learn How To Install and setup Your web development complier or editor from Zero and add extensions.
  • You, Will Learn HTML and basics and higher things from zero if you don’t know anything about HTML.
  • You, Will Learn CSS and basics and higher things from zero if you don’t know anything about CSS.
  • You, Will Learn the requirement shortcuts in web development.
  • You, Will learn important vocabularies in web development.
  • at the End of the course, you can build your own website.

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Learn the Web Development Wizardry Course Includes

  • 5 hours on-demand video
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Full lifetime access
  • Certificate of completion

Requirement of Learn the Web Development Wizardry Course

  • no need of any programming skills you well learn from zero .


  • no need for any programming experti .
  • this course is from zero.
  • this course will start from the most basic things like setup the code editor, and important shortcuts.
  • the course will be updated from time to another time.
  • this course is about HTML and CSS.
  • what you will learn in this course :
  • You will learn how to set up your code editor.
  • You Learn important shortcuts.
  • HTML tags and higher things :
    • the main HTML structure.
    • head and meta and title.
    • text formats.
    • insert video.
    • insert audio.
    • insert an image by link or from your device.
    • how to create a link.
    • underlined and quoted text.
    • lists.
    • comments.
    • HTML layout.
    • form.
    • iframe.
    • abbr and dfn.
    • form.
    • input types (text, email, password, button, etc.)
    • table.
    • attributes.
    • favicon.
    • emojis.
    • headings.
    • span tag.
    • div tag.
    • br tag.
    • radio input.
    • Fieldset and details.
    • margin, padding, border.
    • datalist and option.
    • block and inline elements.
    • responsive.
    • other tags.
  • CSS :
    • CSS syntax.
    • selectors.
    • priorities.
    • units.
    • CSS comments.
    • lists properties.
    • box model properties.
    • grouping.
    • nesting.
    • overflow.
    • z-index.
    • outline.
    • curser.
    • pseudo-classes.
    • colors on CSS.
    • media.
    • attributes.
    • background.
    • font properties.
    • text Styling .
    • padding, border, margin.
    • width and height.
    • position. 
    • display.
    • float.
    • hover and active.
  • log in page.
  • you can make your website at the end of the course.

Who this course is for :

  • this course is for a person who is want to learn web development but not know anything about it .

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