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Leiapix : A smart tool that turns 2D images into 3D ones using artificial intelligence

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Leiapix: A smart tool that turns 2D images into 3D ones using artificial intelligence. LeiaPix is a cool tech company that has a special tool. This tool helps you turn regular pictures into awesome 3D stuff easily. It’s like magic for photos! Whether you’re a photographer, designer, or just like making cool pictures, LeiaPix uses smart computer tricks to make your images look more interesting and dynamic. It’s like giving your photos a superpower

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Transform your ordinary images into something extraordinary by using LeiaPix’s simple tools

1. Effortless 2D to 3D Conversion: LeiaPix streamlines the process of creating 3D content, making it accessible to users of all skill levels. Simply upload your chosen image, and LeiaPix’s AI algorithms work their magic, generating an accurate depth map that breathes life into your creation.

2. Customization Options for Tailored Results: Fine-tune your 3D animation with LeiaPix’s user-friendly editing tools. From pre-set options to in-depth customization settings, you can effortlessly control the depth-of-field effect and refine your creation to achieve the desired visual impact.

3.  Diverse Export Formats for Seamless Integration: LeiaPix caters to your workflow by offering a variety of export options. Choose from free 720p MP4 or Side-by-Side (SBS) files for personal use, or opt for the premium export plan to unlock 4K resolution, watermark removal, and commercial rights for professional projects.4. Integrate LeiaPix into Your Workflow (Optional Feature): For developers and businesses seeking to leverage LeiaPix’s capabilities within their existing workflows, the LeiaPix API empowers seamless integration, allowing you to harness the power of AI-powered 3D conversion directly within your applications.

5 Benefits of Using LeiaPix

  1. Effortless 3D Creation: Transform your images into stunning 3D animations with minimal technical expertise.
  2. Enhanced Creativity: Unlock new visual storytelling possibilities and engage your audience with captivating depth and dimension.
  3. User-Friendly Interface: The intuitive interface makes 2D to 3D conversion accessible to both beginners and experienced users.
  4. Diverse Export Options: Choose the export format that best suits your needs, from free personal use options to professional-grade features.
  5. API Integration (Optional): Seamlessly integrate LeiaPix’s capabilities into your existing workflow for efficient 3D content creation.

5 Problems with their solution that this AI Tool can solve it

1. Problem: Creating high-quality visuals for marketing materials, presentations, or social media posts can be time-consuming and expensive, especially for small businesses or individuals with limited design resources.

Solution: Leia Pixa can help generate unique and visually appealing images based on user-provided prompts and specifications. This can save time and resources compared to hiring a professional designer or creating visuals from scratch.

2. Problem: Individuals with limited artistic skills or experience might struggle to bring their creative ideas to life visually.

Solution: Leia Pixa allows users to generate visuals based on their descriptions or starting points, even without extensive artistic expertise. This can empower individuals to explore their creative potential and express their ideas visually.

3. Problem: Creating mockups, prototypes, or concept art for products, packaging, or other design projects can be a lengthy and iterative process.

Solution: Leia Pixa can help generate various design iterations quickly based on user input, allowing for faster exploration and refinement of design concepts.

4. Problem: Content creators like YouTubers, bloggers, or social media influencers might require a steady stream of visually engaging content to maintain audience engagement.

Solution: Leia Pixa can help generate visuals like thumbnails, illustrations, or backgrounds, aiding content creators in producing fresh and visually appealing content consistently.

5. Problem: Educational materials can sometimes lack engaging visuals, making it challenging for students to stay interested and retain information.Solution: Leia Pixa can help create visuals that complement educational content, making it more visually appealing and interactive for learners

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  • 1. What type of images are compatible with LeiaPix?
  • LeiaPix works best with high-resolution images with clear and well-defined subjects.
  • 2. Is there a free trial available?
  • Yes, LeiaPix offers a free trial with limited features. Upgrading to a premium plan unlocks additional benefits like higher resolution exports and commercial rights.
  • 3. Do I need any special software to use LeiaPix?
  • No, LeiaPix is a web-based platform accessible through any web browser, making it convenient and user-friendly.
  • 4. How long does it take to convert an image into 3D?
  • Processing time varies depending on the image complexity. Simple images typically take a few minutes, while more complex ones may require slightly longer.
  • 5. Can I use the 3D animations I create for commercial purposes?
  • The free plan allows non-commercial use only. Upgrading to a premium plan grants commercial rights for your created content.

Pricing Plans to Suit Your Needs

  • LeiaPix offers a tiered pricing structure catering to individual and professional users. The free plan allows you to experience the core functionality, while premium plans unlock higher resolution exports, commercial rights, and additional features.

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Free Plan

  • First 100 credits are free
  • Depth Map (Disparity) Editing
  • Custom Animation Settings
  • Upload: JPG, PNG, WEBP, HEIC
  • File Size Limit: 20MB


  • LeiaPix empowers users to unlock the potential of their images, transforming static visuals into captivating 3D experiences. With its user-friendly interface, powerful AI algorithms, and diverse export options, LeiaPix is a valuable tool for anyone seeking to add depth and dimension to their creative projects

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